The winners of the Worksite Challenge are…

The winners of this year’s Worksite Challenge and the proud owners of new Breezer Bikes Citizen commuter bikes are:

Large Worksite: LOWELL OBSERVATORY- average number of total workers per day was 53.2 and 37.6% of those people rode their bikes to work.

Medium Worksite: ARIZONA RAFT ADVENTURES-average number of total workers per day was 12 and 59.94% of those people rode their bikes. (Absolute Bikes actually won this category with 100% of 11.2 workers riding, but have graciously conceded to AZRA as they are the local Breezer Bikes dealer.)

Small Worksite: City of Flagstaff Sustainability-average number of total workers per day was 7.6 and 72.78% of those people rode their bikes. Lunch for all of the riders at Diablo Burger!

Nano Worksite (honorable mention) USFS Peaks Ranger Station:Trails-4 workers per day and 75% rode.

Check out the student films online!

Thanks to all of our participants in this year’s student film contest. Go here and view them online! Check out other videos from the week, as well as other videos of Flagstaff Biking activities at that same web site.

Please stay tuned to for more bike related events and info throughout the year!

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