Adam Shimoni

“It wasn’t until I got to NAU that I fell in love with biking. Commuting by bike in Flagstaff deepened my appreciation for this town and the quality of life daily cycling provided. Over the years I had numerous encounters with moving vehicles and although sharing the lane can be frightening, I never gave up my passion for the commuter lifestyle.

While serving as Vice Mayor and Councilmember, I had the opportunity to learn about how the City designs its roads and who gets prioritized. I learned quickly that the cyclist and pedestrian are accommodated when possible, but are never truly prioritized.

With the support of City Leadership, Mayors & Councils, City staff, members of the public and the many partners, we were successful in shifting the City’s focus. Some of the documents supporting the new focus include the Active Transportation Master Plan, Climate Neutrality Plan, taking steps to create a Vision Zero plan (aiming for zero deaths on our roads), and the decision to prioritize pedestrians and cyclist above cars through design.

As congestion worsens, I plan to continue supporting the city in efforts to design and build infrastructure for all modes. Building in such a way will result in less cars on the road, giving locals options, while saving the tax payer financially. Building more vehicle lanes induces demand resulting in more traffic, is very costly and is not good for Flagstaff.

The Flagstaff Biking Organization (FBO) has been a strong partner to the City, County, Forest Service and others, ensuring the concerns and needs of locals is being heard. I am excited to be contributing my skills and abilities to the goals and mission of FBO.

We have some great momentum going but it’s going to take continued community engagement to help create a walkable, bikeable, and livable city.”

Ben Keeler

“I moved to Flagstaff in 2004 in search of mountains, trails, cool weather, and adventure! I started as an around-the-town bike commuter, biking to work everyday for several years. Motivated by the positive influence of friends, I began mountain biking in 2017 and quickly discovered the joy mountain biking brings me. I saw how a bike can get you further into the mountains, get your heart rate up, and scare the pants off you at times, too! I started to volunteer during various trail days about four years ago to give back to the trails that have given me so much. I am also an avid trail runner, hiker, and skier. As a registered nurse, I seek to promote all forms of activity as a way to improve our health, wellness, and lives!”