Happy Bike to Work Day Flag Cyclists!

We hope you all had a chance to get some coffee and kibble at one of our stations this morning. So far we have over 1000 bike-commuted days logged on the site this week. The average commute is 7.8 miles, and our Bike to Work Commuters have logged about 2600 miles each day so far. WAY TO GO!

Let us take a moment to thank this year’s sponsors:

Flagstaff Medical Center, AZ Bikes and Absolute Bikes made the event possible this year as co-sponsors of the event. Thanks to these generous businesses!

Our food stops were supplied by the following businesses:

Pay n’ Take
Late for the Train
Biff’s Bagels
Campus Coffee Bean
Flagstaff Coffee Company
Coffee Pedaler

Monday’s VIP breakfast was paid for by Benefit Financial Strategies. A thank you to them.

The casual Cruiser Ride around town last night was a festive success with over 100 folks joining us. Thanks to the Flagstaff Police Department for their support of this ride, the kickoff ride on Monday, and the Human Powered Parade on Sunday.

Be sure to join us tonight in the parking lot at the Physicians and Surgeons Office Building at 6:00 pm for the Ride of Silence in honor of cyclists killed and injured in traffic.

Tomorrow is Bike to School Day, kids! Get those helmets out and have a fun ride to school!

Join us on Friday night at the Orpheum at 6:00 pm for the awarding of the Breezer Bicycles Freedom bikes and several bicycle movie shorts including “Bike World� featuring several local cycling legends!!!

To all of those who have been registering with us this year, thanks for bearing with us as we work through a few web glitches. As with any new system, we’ve been experiencing a few growing pains. If you have had any issues that haven’t been addressed, please email Melissa Dunstan at melissa@flagstaffbiking.org and she’ll help you out.

Today’s raffle winners are (insert drum roll here):

Fabulous Prize from Heroic Flag Business Commuter Hero Righteous Worksite
Absolute Bikes, T-shirt Stan Clark NAU EAW
Az Bikes & Boards, Pair of inner tubes Charlie Mikulewicz W.L. Gore – Woody Mountain
Beaver Street Brewery, T-shirt Jeffrey Hall Lowell Observatory, Mars Hill
Flagstaff Bicycle & Fitness, Bike gloves Jason Jordan W.L. Gore – Woody Mountain
Flagstaff Bicycle & Fitness, Camelbak Amber Naughton Flagstaff Medical center/MM
Josephine’s Bistro , $50 gift certificate Becky White Kinsey Elementary
Pay-n-Take, Shirt Brian Johnson WL Gore – Medical East
Pay-n-Take, Bike socks Kelly Johnston Mount Elden Middle School
Beaver Street Brewery, T-shirt Jeremy Young USGS Bldg 4
Kahtoola, Organic cotton shopping bag Luke Galloway Pine Forest Charter School
Flagstaff Bicycle & Fitness, Camelbak Keith Kohl` USGS Bldg 4
Bookman’s, $50 gift certificate Jolene Elser COF – Wildcat Hill WWTP
Az Bikes & Boards, Pair of inner tubes Cynthia White NARBHA

IF you haven’t won anything yet, don’t despair! There are 3 more days to take your chances! Keep on Ridin’ Keep Loggin’ in.

Thanks for participating!

Flagstaff Biking Organization