Turnout for Bike to Work Week has been FANTASTIC so far. Most people have had no problem logging in their miles. We have heard from a few who forgot to enter past day’s commutes, and it with regret that FBO cannot enter those commutes after the fact. But remember! When more of us bike commute… we are ALL winners. Even if we don’t win a great Breezer bike (this year).

Today’s Commuter of the Day: Kathy Flaccus of Sinagua High School
Kathy Flaccus: Thursday Commuter
More highlights from the week so far:

Monday: Logins= 650, Total Participants= 650, Total Miles= 5,280, Average commute= 8.1 miles
Tuesday Logins= 283, New Participants= 77, Total Miles= 1,730 , Average commute= 6.1 miles
Wednesday Logins= 616, New Participants= 169, Total Miles= 5,120 , Average commute= 8.3 miles
Totals so Far: Logins= 1,563, Total Participants= 896, Total Miles= 12,230, Average commute= 7.8 miles

Longest commutes: Monday’s 50.4 miles, Mars Brimhall; Tuesday’s-23 miles, Alan Kaufmann; Wednesday’s 43 miles, Jeff Dillon

Prizes for Wednesday will be posted soon.

Upcoming Events:

Today is BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY!! Make sure your school mates LOG THEIR COMMUTE before 10:30 am! The winning participation rates at the High School and Middle School levels will take the coveted “Golden Sprocket” award.

We had a CYCLE TRAIN at Thomas Elementary School to encourage kids to ride to school.

AND TONIGHT… The long awaited state premier of “Seasons”, a mountain biking movie by The Collective. It could be a packed house at the Orpheum tonight… the doors open at 6pm. Get there. Also showing: the Kids Safety Video contest films and winners, and announcements of the winners of the Worksite Challenge.

Are you planning on coming to Friday’s Cyclobration Bike to Potluck? Coconino County has generously volunteered to provide meat and veggie burgers to grill… please drop us an RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers.

Happy Cycling!