DEADLINE Monday, September 28th, 2020!

It’s time!

The Flagstaff Ranger District is requesting public input on their Proposed Action for the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Some key points you might want to highlight:


Mountain biking is very important to you! An array of mountain biking trail opportunities, (that fit whatever experiences that you like- be sure to elaborate), should be incorporated into the final action and decision. Do you want opportunities to shuttle and descend challenging trails built for mountain biking? Do you want some smooth, easy loop options near the trailhead for the whole family? Do you want to see features along most routes that add some fun to the flow? Write that down!

Reaffirm the Proposed Action’s mountain bike specific trail recommendations!

If you like the alternate lines that add challenge, flow and/or fun into your rides, be sure to mention that. Make it clear that you think this is appropriate on most trails that are open to bicycles, not only on the few trails proposed for directional mountain biking.

We have noticed that the miles of trail that are designed for hiking and/or closed to all uses but hiking is proportionately too high. Make sure to stress how important it is to have an appropriate amount of trail designed for mountain biking as well. If you don’t think that any trails should be closed to bicycles at all, be sure to state that.

If you have any suggestions for trails that are missing from the Proposed Action that you think should be included, please be as clear as possible in explaining where those trails should be placed, and what unmet need that trail would fulfill.

Be sure to include thoughts on trailhead proposals, Urban Trail type routes, signage and any other supporting actions that should occur.

Don’t forget to note what parts of the Proposed Action you like! Your comments shouldn’t be solely critical. There is some good stuff in there!

Read the cover letter here:

Read the details here:

Click the links under the “High Resolution Scoping Maps” to see the maps.

And then, go here to submit your comments:

Thanks for supporting cycling with your participation in commenting on this very important proposal!