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Spring in Flag Jack & Martin's Excellent FUTS adventure

Some highlights from the week so far:

Monday: Logins= 650, Total Participants= 650, Total Miles= 5,280, Average commute= 8.1 miles
Tuesday Logins= 283, New Participants= 77, Total Miles= 1,731 , Average commute= 6.1 miles
Totals so Far: Logins= 941, Total Participants= 728, Total Miles= 7,072, Average commute= 7.5 miles

Longest commutes: Monday’s 50.4 miles, Mars Brimhall; Tuesday’s-23 miles, Alan Kaufmann

Here at BTWW we are still scratching our heads trying to figure out WHY participation took a hit on Tuesday. Was it the primaries keeping folks home??? Did gas prices drop when we weren’t looking? Hmmmm.

Actually, this is impressive… even with (okay, I admit it) SUB-standard commuting weather Tuesday, we have almost topped last year’s 5 day total for numbers of participants. Now that the weather is great again… let’s crank it out!

Prizes for Tuesday are posted.

Ah Spring in Flagstaff… gotta love it. Well, yes, perhaps the snow had a little to do with it. It was an elite and hardy crew that showed up for Jack and Martin’s Excellent FUTS Adventure. We patroled about 7-9 miles of trail out to Cheshire and back. Excellent Indeed. Jack & Martin’s Excellent Lineup

Competition for the Breezer Bicycles has never seemed so intense. We will have to do on-site inspections of the top 5 or 10 worksites contenders to verify the validity of team composition. BE WARNED! Signs of gerrymandering or cherry-picking could disqualify offenders. Remember: We are ALL winners when folks Bike to Work and School!

Upcoming Events:

Be sure to come to the Town Hall Meeting tonight. It’s in the lobby of the Flagstaff City Hall at 211 West Aspen Ave. Let your voice be heard and learn what’s being done to make Flagstaff a better place for bicycles.

Are you planning on coming to Friday’s Cyclobration Bike to Potluck?  Coconino County has generously volunteered to provide meat and veggie burgers to grill… please drop us an RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers.

Happy Cycling!