Because those jerks in Washington DC have closed the Federal Government, thereby preventing us from working with our friends on the local Flagstaff Ranger District, we will be working instead with our friends from Coconino County Parks and Recreation on the new Rogers Lake County Park Trails! Thanks to the County for stepping up on short notice!

October 12th, Roger’s Lake Trails

Help build a new trails at the new County Park at Roger’s Lake

This is a great new addition to the Flagstaff Trail system that will allow more exploration of the Forest to the west of Flagstaff and the Roger’s Lake area.

Click here for a map to the meeting location.

The meeting location will be 8 miles from Rte. 66 on Woody Mountain Road, (gravel but easily 2 wheel drive accessible), at Roger’s Lake.

What to bring and other details:

All Trail events start at 8:30 am and conclude with lunch at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Coffee will be served between 8:00 am and 8:30 am, and snacks, beverages, tasty lunch and FUN are all provided.

Sponsored by:

Specialized Bikes

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