Our friends at New Belgium Brewing have decided to cancel the Flagstaff Tour de Fat for 2008. FBO would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to NBB for all their financial support over the years. Without their investment in FBO, our organization would not be where it is today.  We look forward to exploring new funding ideas with them and continuing our advocacy efforts in different ways with NBB.  Since this event represented almost 50% of FBO’s income, we will immediately begin looking for new funding sources. The good news is that the good folks at New Belgium Brewing Company have promised not to abandon FBO by offering us grants and event support, however, we still need other funding ideas and opportunities. We will immediately begin brainstorming for funding sources, researching grants and planning events to help supplement our revenue to continue with our bicycle advocacy efforts in Northern Arizona. If you have funding ideas, or would like to help, please contact Melissa at melissa@flagstaffbiking.org. Below is an exert from the official notice from New Belgium Brewing Company explaining their decision:

To all the members and Directors of Flagstaff Biking Organization and Northern Arizona Pride Association;

It is with sincere regret that after 8 amazing years, we have decided not to bring the Tour de Fat back to Flagstaff in 2008. We never thought the day would come when our flagship show could cause such a ruckus… nor did we ever see the Tour de Fat growing into the behemoth that it has become. As more and more folks discover the TDF, sadly not all of them have come for the purpose of moving the bicycle to the forefront of transportation. Instead they have focused on pushing revelry to new heights.

As we saw in 2007, this has put all stakeholders in a potentially dangerous situation. While the core of our mission is to help, the risk of calamity has become more imminent. Since Wheeler Park is sadly no longer an option, we have lost the ability to host the show downtown. We have also lost the confidence of the City of Flagstaff to host an event that enhances the town as opposed to putting it at risk. These are the major factors in our decision not to return. Without a suitable venue, or necessary permitting, we are without promising options. Know that this course of action was not taken lightly by our crew, the Brewery, or our Distributor in AZ. The TDF is a loss all parties will miss.

Sadly we have to end our support for your groups as it has been structured. It is however not our desire to leave your missions unattended. It is our hope that we can continue to support and admire the unique Bike/Love/Sustainability Culture of Flagstaff in other ways going forward. May we all stay in touch, and let the ideas come. We hope we might find yet other ways aside from Tour De Fat to support your plans. Other events, sponsorships, philanthropy grants… there are other tools to assist those who have helped us for so many years with so many shows, trials, and triumphs. May your good work continue for many years to come.


New Belgium Brewing and Team TDF (the now sad Clowns)