Flummoxed by our own success! The turn-out for Bike to Work Week 2008 has been Phenomenal! Flag Rocks! We’ve had so many participants we have to upgrade our server!KickoffProclamation pano3

Most of the contests were too close to call but we have these:

Sinagua High School won the Golden Sprocket Trophy for highest bike-commuting rate. Flagstaff High placed second. Good Going Yall!
Ansel Andrews, Flag High School, won the Student Film Contest with “Elevate 7000“, move over The Collective!

The contenders for the Large Worksite Challenge are… (both with big hills and 40% weekly average)
Lowell Observatory and USGS Buildings 4 & 5.
It may come down to their average daily commute distance…SO CLOSE. It’s 2005 all over again!
Other close contenders:
NAU Ecological Restoration Institute
FMC Emergency
WL Gore-Woody Springs Engineering
FMC Radiology
Beaver Street Brewery

Small Worksites (9-34 people) Contenders are:
Professional River Outfitters, Inc.
Absolute Bikes
Arizona Raft Adventures
COF Wildcat Hill WWTP
COF Parks Maintenance
COF Engineering- City Hall

Micro Worksites (3-8 people) Contenders are:
Wilkens Bike Train Shuttle Service
COF Police Dept-Community Relations
COF Flag Metro Planning Organization
Kahtoola Inc.
ADOT Traffic Engineering
SKY Engineering

Stay Tuned for details on Monday!

More highlights from the week so far:

Monday: Logins= 650, Total Participants= 650, Total Miles= 5,280, Average commute= 8.1 miles
Tuesday Logins= 283, New Participants= 77, Total Miles= 1,730 , Average commute= 6.1 miles
Wednesday Logins= 616, New Participants= 169, Total Miles= 5,120 , Average commute= 8.3 miles
Thursday Logins= 731, New Participants= 255, Total Miles= 5,630 , Average commute= 7.7 miles

Totals so Far: Logins= 2,510, Total Participants= 1151, Total Miles= 19,300, Average commute= 7.8 miles
And we still have to add Friday’s totals, and Flagstaff is charging over the finish line.

Longest commutes: Monday’s 50.4 miles, Mars Brimhall; Tuesday’s-23 miles, Alan Kaufmann; Wednesday’s 43 miles, Jeff Dillon,
Thursday’s long commutes: Looks like Matt Shaw-FMC-ER (56) and Drew Miller-Gore Med-East (55) were racing.

Prizes for Thursday are posted.

Upcoming Events:

The Last Event… Come to Friday’s Cyclobration Bike to Potluck at Thorpe Parks Ramada from 6 to 8 pm.
 Coconino County has generously volunteered to provide meat and veggie burgers to grill… Bring side dishes or burger assessories to share, Beverages must be in cans. Let’s have fun and relaxation to wind up a Great Bike to Work Week and continue of Bike to Work SEASON!


Happy Cycling!