bikepark1Last spring, we had just been awarded the IMBA Bell Built Grant, but there had still not been any dirt moved. Today, we have three flow trails, a tot track, return and entrance trails, signage, a tool shed and volunteer program all in place! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this initial success!

We still have a ton of work to do to build out several more phases.

We have just contracted with IMBA Trail Solutions, who will be working with Shephard-Wesnitzer, Inc. (SWI) locally, to design the next phase of the Park. (Thanks to Shephard-Wesnitzer for the substantial discount on their services!) This next phase will include two pump tracks, various skills features such as skinnies and progressive drop-offs, some cyclocross features and more.

After this design is completed, we will need funding to hire professional builders to build the next phase. Although we have applied for some grants, (and we just won one for $5000 from Mountain Sports and Patagonia!), we need your help!

If you can contribute a few bucks, please go to and give what you can. Every dollar helps get the next features ready to ride sooner!

parkworkerIf your business would like to sponsor the Fort Tuthill Bike Park, or you would like to donate to the park in a substantial way, please contact Anthony Quintile at We have recently produced a sponsorship package for the park that includes recognition on signage on site, recognition at, on Facebook and other media outlets as possible. We are happy to provide details through print or electronically, and do a presentation for you on the project’s benefits to the community and your business.

After this next phase is completed, we will keep pressing on after this next phase with the design and construction of the rest of the phases of the park! For more info on the Fort Tuthill Bike Park, click here.