Take the new transportation survey and checkout the results from the first survey at ww.flagstaffpathways.org (http://www.flagstaffpathways.org/ ).

Our first Flagstaff Pathways transportation survey invited the community to tell us what they think about major transportation issues and priorities. The new second survey will gather more specific information and build on the results of the first survey and other community input so far.

Take a few moments to complete the new survey, and to encourage your colleagues, friends, and neighbors to do the same. We value your interest and input!

The Flagstaff Pathways project, which is produced by the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) and its member agencies: The City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, and the Arizona Department of
Transportation, is a major update to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the greater Flagstaff area through the Spring of 2009. The RTP will prioritize how tax dollars should be spent on highway, street,
bicycle, pedestrian and bus projects as well as help shape those projects to best fit the neighborhoods they serve. Learn more at the Sustainable Living Fair on September on 13th and 14th in Thorpe Park.

Thanks for participating in shaping Flagstaff’s future. For more information contact David Wessel at (928) 226-4841.

The Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for comprehensive transportation planning in the region extending from Bellemont to Winona and Sunset Crater to Kachina Village. Federal law
requires that an MPO prepare a Regional Transportation Plan in order to receive federal transportation funding. For more information on the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization visit www.flagstaffmpo.org ( http://www.flagstaffmpo.org/ ).