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Trail Day! Sunset Trail Maintenance, September 28th

September 28th, Sunset Trail maintenance We will be executing some much needed maintenance and refining of the layout of Sunset Trail just below the first “summit”. It will be a bit of a hike in, but hopefully our work will make this section drain better and ride better. With the significant monsoon this year, all of the trails need a little help! Please help by doing your part to put

Trail Day! September 21st, Pedals v. Pistons v. Horseshoes v. Hiking Boots, Secret Trail Maintenance

September 21st, Pedals v. Pistons v. Horseshoes v. Hiking Boots, Secret Trail Maintenance JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Let’s see which trail user group can show up in the greatest numbers for this great trail! A lovely trophy is on the line for the winning group… they will hold that trophy until next year’s challenge. Join this fun event… we ALL WIN when we work together to build good trail and strong

Trail day August 17th! Help construct the new Roger's Lake connector trail!

PLEASE NOTE MINOR CHANGE IN MEETING LOCATION! READ HERE: ***Please follow the signs to the new staging area*** along Woody Mountain Road. We will be parking along the 390A road on the left side of Woody Mountain Road, closer to town than the previous staging area. Click here for a map to the meeting location. Help build a new trail that will eventually connect the Flagstaff Loop Trail to the

Flagstaff Loop Trail milestone workday! June 29th, Segment 20, I-40 Underpass near Campbell Mesa

June 29th Flagstaff Loop Trail, Segment 20, I-40 Underpass near Campbell Mesa We will be constructing new trail underneath I-40 and connecting to the Campbell Mesa Trails. This connection is a key part of the Flagstaff Loop Trail which will tie in the Arizona Trail Picture Canyon passage to the Campbell Mesa Trails through the “barrier” of I-40. Just before lunch we will have a brief dedication ceremony recognizing the

National Trails Day! June 1st, Kelly multi-use Trails Project

June 1st, National Trails Day, Kelly multi-use Trails Project Join the entire Flagstaff trails community in the annual celebration of trails! This year we will be working on the Kelly Multi-use Trails project. This trail system will include 52 miles of single track trail between Lake Mary Road and Munds Park when completed that will be open to motorcycles, mountain bikes, equestrians and hikers. A substantial addition to the Flagstaff

Our First Trail Day of 2013! Flagstaff Loop Trail, near Campbell Mesa

May 11th, Flagstaff Loop Trail, Segments 26-28, near 301D Road/Campbell Mesa The kick off to another fun and productive year of building and maintaining our trails! We will be continuing work on Segment 26, (.pdf map of the Flagstaff Loop Trail with segment numbers here), which should shortly be completed thus making a continuous link between JWP Boulevard and Campbell Mesa! We encourage everyone to attend and assist in the

Comment on the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project

Please take some time to comment on the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project! We are in favor of this project as it will prevent damage to the forest and trails as well as the community of Flagstaff. Catastrophic wildfire has already caused impacts to one side of Mount Elden/Dry Lake Hills and the San Francisco Peaks that lead to devastating flooding in the communities north of town. A similar fire on

Meeting on the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project!

See below for more information from the Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership (GFFP). This project will be heavily impacting recreation in the Dry Lake Hills, but it is our hope that in conjunction with imminent recreation planning for the same area, the net result in the long run will be positive for recreation and the health of the forest. This planning and subsequent action is primarily to reduce the threat of

Help choose new trail routes in Sedona!

The next in a year’s worth of public meetings hosted by the Red Rock Ranger District on the future of trails in Sedona will be this Thursday, March 21st at 6:00 pm at the Hilton Sedona Resort. This meeting will be the first where participants will be able to submit specific suggestions about the locations and types of trails they’d like to see added to the trail system in the

IMBA Trail Care Crew to Visit Sedona!

From the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition: The International Mountain Bike Association is coming to Cottonwood. The Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition and the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District applied to bring IMBA to town and were approved.  Below are flyers to distribute for the upcoming IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit. They will be here February 21st-24th to give a couple trainings/presentations and do some trail work on the new Lower