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Please Take the Commuter Survey!

The City of Flagstaff needs to know about how you use your bike! This information will give Martin Ince, the multi-modal planner over at the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO), some ammo to use when he is working on all of our behalfs for bike and pedestrian facilities. Click here, it won’t hurt a bit and only takes a couple of minutes! Only submit results once…Thanks!

Windy Tuesday Bike to Work Week Update

Worksite Coordinators: We need you to cheer-lead a bit for us for tomorrow, Bike to Breakfast Day. We really want to get our number of riders up for this year’s event to continue to show the growth of the popularity of cycling in Flagstaff. This really does help to get better bike lanes, bike trails and other facilities built. Join Jack Welch and Martin Ince for this evening’s cruiser ride!

It's Bike to Work Week-Please log your commutes!!

It’s finally here! Bike to Work Week! Go here to get your commutes logged. If your Worksite is not on the list, you can still register Worksites here! Flagstaff is counting on you! The more folks we get to actively participate in Bike to Work Week by registering their commutes, the easier it is to get support and funding for bike paths, lanes and other facilities in Flagstaff. It’s easy,

Bike to Work Week Starts Sunday, (Tomorrow!), with the Bike Bazaar!

Come on down to Heritage Square! 8:00 am until 12:00 noon Shop the Bike Swap for deals or rent a table and sell your old stuff. Enter your float or wacky costume in the parade. Get a helmet for your kid for only $10. Talk to the City of Flagstaff and others about you ideas for improving bike access. Join FBO and buy raffle tickets to win a New Belgium

Bike to Work Week Packet Pick Up tonight at Altitutes!

Come by Altitudes Bar and Grill tonight from 5pm to 7pm to pick up your Worksite Information Packet for Bike to Work Week!  Altitudes is at 2 Beaver Street just south of the Railroad tracks. Also, we’ll have raffle tickets available for the sweet New Belgium Brewing Company Cruiser starting at just $5! Hope to see you tonight!

Bike to Work Week is Next Week – We need Worksite Coordinators to Register Now!

Bike to Work Week kicks-off on Sunday, May 16th and the Worksite Challenge begins on Monday, May 17th! If you are the “bike commuter guy or gal” where you work, or even the “mountain biker”, (in lieu of the office bike commuter), we need you to help convince your co-workers to try bicycle commuting at least for the week! Please go here to register your Worksite now! We will get

Flagstaff Biking Organization is beginning to organize Flagstaff Bike to Work Week 2010!

On Thursday, February 18th, 2010, from 2:00 pm until 3:30 pm, we will be hosting a meeting at 101 West Cherry, 2nd floor meeting room, to facilitate the organization of the “Worksite Challenge” contest details. There will be other meetings to help set up other aspects of Bike to Work Week, so if helping to run the Worksite Challenge is not your specific interest, stay tuned. We are looking for