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Observatory Mesa Trails Planning Draft – Please Attend Public Meeting, Take Survey, Write Comments

Flagstaff Biking Organization’s comment letter here. The City of Flagstaff Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Events (PROSE) has released its revised Draft Greater Observatory Mesa Trail Plan. The original Draft was put on hold and greatly revised into its current iteration, available here https://www.flagstaff.az.gov/3284/Flagstaff-Community-Forum?cf_url=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunityfeedback.opengov.com%2Fportals%2Fflagstaffaz%2FIssue_12892#peak_democracy . —Please take this survey! https://communityfeedback.opengov.com/12892 —Write a letter and send it before July 16th. Address it to: mark@swdresources.comRobert.Wallace@flagstaffaz.govcouncil@flagstaffaz.gov FBO will be sending a comment letter,

FREE Smart Cycling Courses, April 15th and 16th

Do you feel like you could use come more confidence when riding with traffic? Are you interested in becoming a better rider for getting around town? The City of Flagstaff is presenting these two opportunities for training, offered by League of American Bicyclists certified instructors, for free! Friday, April 15th – 5pm – 8pm, Montoya Center – 245 N. Thorpe Rd. Saturday, April 16th – 8am – 12pm, Sawmill Police

2040 Regional Transportation Planning Effort Starts Now!

Submit your input through this online survey: Click here! From David Wessel, Project Manager Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization 928.213-2650; dwessel@flagstaffaz.gov   BLUEPRINT 2040 REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION PLANNING EFFORT KICKS-OFF   (FLAGSTAFF) Over the next year, Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) will be updating the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The Blueprint 2040 process will identify the transportation investments needed to support the land use and economic development goals set forth in the

Help us build the next phase of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park!

We are finalizing building permits and working towards getting quotes for constructing the next phase of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have a bunch of dirt thanks to Kinney Construction Services, (we’ll need some more), and approximately $32,000 raised towards the construction work, equipment rentals and other materials thanks to several generous donors and sponsors. We will need a bunch more money to get

US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management E-Bike Policy

We have had a few questions recently regarding whether or not it is legal to ride an electric mountain bike on Forest Service trails. We didn’t know, so we asked the Flagstaff Ranger District. They provided these two documents. In summary, e-bikes are treated as motor vehicles and are subject to all of the same laws and regulations as motor vehicles on Federal lands. Check these links for details: US

You don’t need to be cited to participate in the Flagstaff Bicycle Safety and Diversion Class

In 2013 Flagstaff Biking Organization sent FBO Board member and Flagstaff Police Officer Dave Needham to the League of American Bicyclist four day League Cycling Instructor class. During this class Dave learned of safety and diversion classes that other communities in Arizona had created for cyclists. Dave learned that in Tucson for example, if a cyclist received a traffic ticket for running a stop sign they could attend a safety/diversion

League of America Bicyclists Savvy Cyclist Bike Safety Class -Flagstaff Bike to Work Week

Savvy Cyclist Bike Safety Class Flagstaff Medical Center — Tuesday, May 19th, McGee Auditorium. 6:30 – 7:30pm Taught by League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor, Martin Ince and FBO Board Member Dave Needham. Do you feel timid in traffic? Are you not sure where you should be when riding in the street? Do you want to feel safer and better equipped for your commute to work or on your road

Help save trail funding-Say “no” to sweep by Arizona’s Governor and Legislature

In an effort to balance the Arizona budget, Governor Ducey has proposed sweeping funding from the Arizona State Parks OHV Decal Fund. You may ask, “why should I care about OHV Funds being swept”? For several reasons- 1) This funding has helped to build and maintain many multiple-use trails throughout the State that are used by  mountain bikers. Locally, the Fort Valley Trail System will be benefiting directly from these

Helping make the case for safe cycling at Kinlani Bordertown Dormitory

On October 1st, FBO, Flagstaff Police Department, Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, (FMPO), and Coconino County Public Health Services District, (CCPHSD), met with Kinlani Dorms Student Council leaders and faculty members to assist them in making a case for allowing bicycles to be used by students living at the dorms. At that time students were prohibited from using bicycles because the Kinlani Dorms leadership believed that bicycles are unsafe. FBO then

Guest post from Supervisor Matt Ryan on Prop 403, County Initiative for Road Maintenance Sales Tax

“All Modes Use Roads!” Prop 403 is the County Initiative for Road Maintenance Sales Tax. I say “All Modes Use Roads!!!” and they provide great cycling opportunities with the ability to shift in the city from bike to bus, road to trail; and outside the city from vehicle to trail, and/or longer rides such as from your home to Mormon Lake, or perhaps Clints Well on Lake Mary Road or