Very soon the US Forest Service Flagstaff District will be issuing a Proposed Action for recreation planning in the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills area.

This planning will hopefully include a bunch of new trails! It will also be an opportunity to fix alignment issues with existing trails that may be causing erosion or other tread problems.

This is where you come in…

If you would like to suggest a new trail to be added to this area, please click here.

If you would like to suggest a realignment to an existing trail to address maintenance or other issues, please click here.

It is best, (especially for the realignment suggestions), if you can provide GIS coordinates for the locations you are suggesting. Lots of smartphones can help you with this. Otherwise please do your best to describe your recommendation thoroughly.

Flagstaff Biking Organization will be compiling all of your input along with some of our own and submitting it to the Forest Service. Please bear in mind that not every suggestion will be able to be implemented for various reasons including wildlife, archaeology, private property, lack of resources and many other concerns that the USFS must consider before implementing any project. This doesn’t mean that your idea wasn’t considered.