Please join us for a meeting for any students that have questions regarding the Bike to Work Week Student Film Contest.

Place:  Thorpe Park Adult Community Center
Date:  April 22
Time:  6:00 PM

First place prize is $200!  We know from past entries that we have some great budding cinematographers out there!  Don’t want to do it along?  Grab a couple of friends…or make a classroom project out of it!

Here’s the Rules:

  • The film must be about bicycles, bicycle riding and/or bicycle safety.
  • The film must be between 30 seconds and 10 minutes long.
  • No Breaking Laws!  All cyclists in the film must abide by Flagstaff Bicycle Code, Department of Transportation road rules or in the case of Mountain Biking, abide by trail etiquette by yielding to other trail users and respecting the trail.
  • All cyclists in the film must be wearing a helmet.
  • Cyclists must be on approved Forest Service trails that allow bicycles.
  • The final product must be able to be shown from a DVD player.

Contact Melissa at for any questions.

Films are due by May 5th for consideration.