We recognize that this program is asking for a substantial financial commitment. We also recognize that goodwill alone will not grow your business. We want to work with you to provide value back to your business in addition to the value we will provide to the trail system.

Cyclist and trail user demographics

They are some of your best customers. Young, affluent, highly educated and brand loyal is the perfect description of this growing population. In the United States, there are now over 90 million cyclists with nearly 10% of them considered avid cyclists who ride at least once a week on average.

Not a gender-specific sport [55% are male and 45% are female] the average US cyclist is young, upscale and affluent with a median household income of over $80,000.

  • Median Age: 38
  • 63% are between the ages of 25 to 44
  • 22% are between the ages of 45 to 54
  • 53% are married
  • 90% have attended college
  • 39% have post-graduate degrees
  • 63% are professional managers
  • 52% rate their brand loyalty as high
  • 50% own a truck and/or SUV

Source: Velonews, Bicycle Business Journal, Bicycle Manufacturers Assoc of America, Bicycle Market Research Institute, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Cycle Press, National Bicycle Dealers Association, National Sporting Goods Association and US Department of Commerce, Tehachapi Gran Fondo.

Our Trail Days attract a broad cross section of other motorized and non-motorized trail users as well. These other folks participating in trails-based outdoor recreation will tend to closely parallel the demographics for cyclists.

Web and social media reach

We actively promote our events and sponsors through our web site, flagstaffbiking.org, and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Flagstaffbiking.org is the second search result on a Google Search for “trail work flagstaff”, (as an example), only preceded by the Coconino National Forest. A typical Trail Day post will garner ~1100+ views.

Our Facebook Page has ~4400 followers. Our events are typically promoted through boosted ads or posts on Facebook.

We have 1386 followers on Instagram and we will be sharing more content on this platform and building followers to support our new sponsorship program.

Direct email reach

We use Mailchimp and have a mailing list of over 2400 active email addresses. We use this list strategically, only emailing about events and issues of significant concern in an attempt to not “spam” our contacts.

A typical Trail Day event email is opened by 17%-22% of recipients, demonstrating a typical group of engaged subscribers.

A typical Trail Day email announcement

To date our print marketing has been primarily focused on the Flag Live weekly magazine, which is now out of print. We are looking into other options which may include the Arizona Daily Sun and/or Flagstaff Business News.

We also place posters in the kiosks at major trail heads throughout the Flagstaff Ranger District and Coconino County Parks and Recreation trail system. These are prominently displayed to anyone looking to these kiosks for trail information. Your business would be featured on these posters.

Typical Trail Day print ad from Flag Live

In-person opportunities and reach

Typical sign prominently placed at a Trail Day

Some of the sponsorship levels include the opportunity for your business to table at our Trail Days and other Flagstaff Biking Organization events. All include a mention of your business at Trail Day events.

A typical Trail Day event will attract 15-50 people, depending upon location and project popularity, other events occuring on the same day, etc. The Bike Bazaar, (our annual bike swap and festival at Heritage Square as part of Flagstaff Bike to Work and School Month), garners well in excess of 300-500 people passing through this event. We also typically attend the Arizona Trail Day at Buffalo Park which sees several hundred attendees, and your logo or name would appear on signage at this event. These are just a few examples of in-person opportunities available to sponsors.

We are diligent in not just quickly mentioning our sponsors, but drawing specific attention to them as gracious supporters of our trails! Remember, these folks will tend to be brand loyal and higher-income folks.