Flagstaff Biking Organization has a nearly 20 year history of successfully advocating for, initiating, developing and implementing trail projects with the Coconino National Forest Flagstaff Ranger District, Coconino County Parks and Recreation and the City of Flagstaff. The following are some representative examples of these successes.

Fort Tuthill Bike Park

This extremely successful project was conceived, initiated and completed by our Trail Program volunteers in partnership with Coconino County Parks and Recreation and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. We saw this project through initial consultation with CCP&R staff, CCBOS formal agreement approval, public scoping and input, grant and fundraising efforts, contractor hiring and management and more. See here for details.

Heart and Little Elden Trail Realignment Project

As a response to our advocacy efforts, the Flagstaff Ranger District suggested that we may be able to assist with this project. We leveraged our volunteer program, partnerships with other volunteer groups and moneys donated to our Trail Fund to match a generous grant from the Catena Foundation. The Flagstaff Trail Faeries and Flagstaff Biking Organization volunteers provided mapping and layout services, day-of volunteer crew management and substantial construction efforts to construct the Little Elden realignment. The Catena Foundation and Trail Fund money was used to hire American Conservation Experience, (with substantial match from ACE), to build the Heart realignment. Complete details here.

Flagstaff Loop Trail

This project, originally put forward by Flagstaff Biking Organization co-founder Geoff Cross, was embraced by all of the local land management agencies: Coconino National Forest, The City of Flagstaff and Coconino County. Flagstaff Biking Organization enlisted substantial amounts of volunteer effort to build the majority of this route’s single track. The partnerships that arose from this effort lead to the current Flagstaff Trails Initiative effort and organization. Read here for more information.

Volunteer “Trail Days” Program

This program is now 19 years running. Flagstaff Biking Organization has traditionally partnered with Coconino National Forest, Coconino County Parks and Recreation, numerous other volunteer organizations and others to promote volunteer trail work events. A typical event has included sponsorship from local outdoor businesses and restaurants with lunch, peer-to-peer and agency training on trail work techniques and best practices and cooperative efforts between varied trail user groups. More information here and here.

National Trails Day and Pedals v Pistons v Horseshoes v Hiking Boots

These special volunteer Trail Days involve a higher level of partnership between all of the area trail user groups and trail management agencies with attendance typically in the 100-300+ participant range. These events have helped to build the extremely strong local trail steward community. Flagstaff Biking Organization has been a key player in these events, helping to obtain funding for lunch, enlist various user groups and in getting the word out through advertising and other media. An example of one of these events is here.

Little Bear and Little Elden Fire/Flooding Rehab Projects

In the wake of the 2010 Schultz Fire and subsequent flooding, two of Flagstaff’s favorite trails, Little Bear and Little Elden, were decimated. Twice, because of a somewhat freak weather event on top of the tenuous post-fire slope conditions after the first re-opening, Flagstaff Biking Organization worked to obtain grant funding and provide volunteers to supplement the efforts of the Flagstaff Ranger District to re-establish these iconic trails. More information here and here. Examples of volunteer event CTA posts for this effort here.