With the tremendous Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project finalized, Flagstaff Biking Organization is seeking to generate substantial funding to help implement new trails, trail realignments and trail maintenance that are long overdue.

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Established track-record of success in implementing volunteer and funded trail projects.


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Many people have asserted that our trails are being “loved to death”. We believe that with proper layout, and a system that is designed to entice people to explore the breadth of its offerings, our trails can not only sustain substantially more use, but provide a much more enjoyable experience for all users, especially mountain bikers!

To that end, we are asking businesses and individuals in the area to help us to help provide these improvements for everyone.

Forest Service recreation budgets are woefully under-funded. Flagstaff Biking Organization has the ability to enter into agreements to facilitate the hiring of professional crews to build and maintain trails. We also have a substantial track record of successfully implementing projects with the Coconino National Forest and Coconino County Parks and Recreation, including building the Fort Tuthill Bike Park, the Heart Trail, twice helping to rebuild the flood damaged Little Bear and Little Elden Trails, the development and implementation of the Flagstaff Loop Trail, maintenance and realignment projects in Fort Valley and more.

Our 2024 Trail Program configured to take a path towards fundraising for the hiring of trail crews while continuing our history of organized volunteer events.

The Sponsorship Levels reflect a realistic level of need for funding to implement, or seed, the hiring of crews. A rough approximation of the funding necessary to completely rework the trail system in the Mount Elden area alone would be in the $1 million-plus range.

All funds generated through these sponsorships will be allocated directly to build or improve trails. As an all-volunteer organization, Flagstaff Biking has no administration expenses. None of us keep any of your money. A small percentage of sponsorship funds would go to overhead costs like web site hosting, printing, postage, etc., but the vast majority of any funds that we raise for the Trail Fund will go to hiring professional trail crews, supporting the Flagstaff Trail Faeries with USFS required uniforms and tools, promoting volunteer events, and similar direct costs to improve our trail system.

Grants often require a matching component in order to qualify. It is our intent to leverage your support of the Trail Fund and Program to successfully apply for additional grants. Trust that your donation will be magnified whenever possible.

Another advantage to sponsorship of the Flagstaff Biking Organization Trail Fund and Program is the ability to target your support to trails open to bicycles. Although not all of our projects are cycling-specific, and we are always excited to partner with trail users from any user group, Flagstaff Biking Organization will only spend our resources on trails that allow bikes. (Some exciting news is that we are hopeful that the Mount Elden trails plan might incorporate some true purpose-built trails for bikes!)

Please read on for our sponsorship levels, and feel free to contact us with any questions.