Everyone did a bang up job. This has been a fantastic Bike to Work Week and we ALL have broken all our records in this 8th Annual Bike to Work Week. Results were incredibly close and difficult to call, so we used the whole week’s results and average miles commuted to call the winners. But here are the results. Complete results can be seen on the Worksite Challenge page.

Large Worksite: (5 day participation rate) 35 people or more

  1. Lowell Observatory 35.8% 7.2 miles/commute/person
  2. USGS Buildings 4 & 5: 34.0% 7.12 miles/commute/person
  3. Gore- Woody Springs Engineering: 24.5% 12.1 miles/commute/person

Small Worksite (9-34 people)
1. Absolute Bikes 96.3% 4.5 mi/commute/person (They defer the Breezer bike to PRO)
2. Professional River Outfitters, Inc. 88.3% 7.37 mi/commute/person
3. Arizona Raft Adventures 73.5% 7.52 mi/commute/person

Micro Worksite: (3-8 people)
1. Wilkens Bike Train Shuttle 80% 15.5 mi/commute/person
2. COF Police Dept-Com Relations 75% 9.62 mi/commute/person
3. NAU Honors Program 66% 6.59 mi/commute/person

School Challenges:
There were some determined individuals participating in the school challenges… future coordinators!
Sinagua High School won the Golden Sprocket Trophy for highest bike-commuting rate on Thursday amongst High Schools with 10.6%. Flagstaff Arts & Leaders Academy and Flagstaff High also had good participation. Good Going Yall!

Northland Prep Academy, in a class all it’s own, got a fantastic 3.4% and also won the Golden Sprocket Trophy for Small/Middle School 2008. Great going! Caroline Rynn, a NPA student, rode 30 miles one day. Awesome, girl.

Other schools participated all week long. Think what they could have done with a school-site coordinator?
Middle Schools included Flagstaff Middle School and Mt Elden Middle School,
Elementary Schools (K-6): Puente de Hózhó, Knoles, Sechrist, Mt Charter, DeMiguel, Pine Forest Charter, and Thomas
Parochial Schools got on the board this year!(P-8th grade): Mt Calvary Lutheran, San Francisco de Asis


Flagstaff Biking Organization.