The Environmental Assessment for the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project has been released.

From our initial review, we are pretty happy with what the Flagstaff Ranger District has chosen to include in this plan. It is apparent that the Forest Service is taking its role to proactively manage recreation in the MEDL area very seriously, and that they have heard the input from us and the scores of other members of the public who have commented throughout the process. We are additionally impressed by the specialists and recreation folks who worked together to strike a difficult balance between the substantial recreation needs and the need to protect wildlife, cultural sites and other important resource concerns.

The District is apt to get push back from people and organizations who don’t support managed recreation. It is important that they hear from you in support of this project!

Please read through the Environmental Assessment and note anything you like or dislike particularly. Then click here to submit your input on the project. Although your comments could be helpful in only noting general support, please do include an details that of are particular interest or concern to you.

The Flagstaff Ranger District Recreation Staff Officer, Patrick McGervey, gave an introduction and overview here.

The 30-day comment period began on June 1st so you can submit your input before July 1st.

Click here to read the Environmental Assessment, scroll down for basic maps.

Interactive map here.

You can also learn more by joining a Flagstaff Ranger District hosted Facebook Live presentation, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 16, (or watch it after the fact), here.

The complete Project Page is here. (Note that you’ll need to click the “Analysis” tab for current information because the page opens with the “Scoping”, (original Proposed Action), tab open.)

Click here to submit comments.