Through collaboration between ADOT and the City of Flagstaff, repaving of Route 66 now includes marked lanes for biking along Route 66 and Milton from Flagstaff Ranch Road (near Woody Mt) to Switzer Canyon. See details here. While these lanes are not specifically signed for cycling, and are a little narrower than standard bike lanes, they give cyclist a better margin of safety and more recognition on the road, reports Martin Ince, multi-modal planner for the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Office. These striped lanes are similar to the lanes painted last spring along most of Fort Valley Road, a complement to the FUTS linking Cheshire to town (amid great rejoicing by many cyclists). Some bike-commuters may prefer staying on quieter streets, but for those who want to flow with the main traffic, these lanes give cyclists a greater margin of safety on more routing options. Please join FBO in THANKING these cooperators in providing these lanes! You can send your thanks to ADOT, COF, and the Multi-modal planner here.,

What’s the latest in safest bike commuting routes? A draft of the upcoming bike-ped commuter MAP is now available online, showing the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). The final version will include bike lanes and routes, and bus routes. Follow this link and print it for yourself until it is finalized and distributed later this year.

City of Flag’s FUTS map (pdf, 1.4Mb)