From the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition:

The International Mountain Bike Association is coming to Cottonwood. The Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition and the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District applied to bring IMBA to town and were approved.  Below are flyers to distribute for the upcoming IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit. They will be here February 21st-24th to give a couple trainings/presentations and do some trail work on the new Lower Bones Trail that is connected to Dead Horse State Park.  These trainings and presentations are invaluable information that can greatly benefit our communities. With America’s poor health state, better recreation surrounding your home town makes life good through better fitness, connecting us with nature and good trails are an all around great experience. I hope to see the Verde Valley flourish with amazing recreation opportunities. Please post/share these flyers and invite anyone you think should be there.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning this weekend. A more detailed schedule will be sent out soon. If you would like to register for the weekend please use this link:

For more info on the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition and our current happenings please visit us at