On October 1st, FBO, Flagstaff Police Department, Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, (FMPO), and Coconino County Public Health Services District, (CCPHSD), met with Kinlani Dorms Student Council leaders and faculty members to assist them in making a case for allowing bicycles to be used by students living at the dorms. At that time students were prohibited from using bicycles because the Kinlani Dorms leadership believed that bicycles are unsafe.

FBO then worked with Martin Ince, from the FMPO, and Kim Austin, Safe Routes to School Coordinator for the CCPHSD, to provide some information on the safety and health benefits of bicycling to the Student Council President and Vice President.

On October 10th, at the Kinlani Dorms Board Meeting, the Student Council President, Telywa Salt, presented this information to the Board. FBO representatives, the coach of the Flagstaff High School Mountain Bike Club, Martin Ince and Kim Austin were on hand to help make the case. After Ms. Salt’s presentation and discussion with the Board, the dorm leadership decided to move forward with a change in their current no-bikes policy. FBO, the FMPO, Flagstaff Police Department and CCPHSD will be assisting in generating safe cycling curriculum, getting dormitory staff trained to instruct on this curriculum and providing educational materials to students as part of this new policy.

Congratulations to the students at Kinlani Dorms and welcome to the cycling community!