Pledge to halt illegal trail construction on the Coconino National Forest – Red Rock District!

Illegal trail construction within the RRRD of the CNF has been a problem over the years. The cycling/mountain bike community stands to prevent and bring to a halt the construction of illegal trails. Please fill out your info below to show you will support putting an end to illegal trail construction. In the past there were struggles in keeping a good working relationship with the Forest Service and trail users. This lead to the illegal construction of trails in the area. Many of these trails are loved by local trail users and are in the midst of being evaluated for possible inclusion in the system. Continued illegal trail construction will likely lead to a cross country travel closure. This would mean many of the trails you love will be off limits due to the fact they are not official Forest Service trails and would be considered cross country travel to recreate on. The RRRD has shown they are in support of developing new and existing trails that provide a world class  mountain bike & hike experiences. By filling this form out you also agree to evoke and share this thought within your peer group, to evoke and share this while on the trail, were you to encounter illegal trail building or the “riding in of a route” by cross country travel.

This form is being put forth by the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition to show community support to stop and prevent illegal trail construction. VVCC is also promoting people get involved to help develop and maintain a world class trail system.

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