Arizona-State-Parks-175x300In an effort to balance the Arizona budget, Governor Ducey has proposed sweeping funding from the Arizona State Parks OHV Decal Fund.

You may ask, “why should I care about OHV Funds being swept”?

For several reasons-

1) This funding has helped to build and maintain many multiple-use trails throughout the State that are used by  mountain bikers. Locally, the Fort Valley Trail System will be benefiting directly from these funds. OHV Decal money has also been funding the construction of the Kelly Trails System. Some of this new system will be great for mountain biking once completed.

2) This money is collected from OHV users specifically for OHV trail construction, maintenance and enforcement. It was never intended for use for the general funding of the State budget, and money was only collected from these folks.

3) Even if you aren’t a fan of OHVs in the woods, some of this funding is used for specific enforcement of OHV laws. So if you want the police to be able to afford to catch “that guy”, this funding is crucial towards that goal. Additionally, some of this funding is used for obliteration and restoration of old road beds and closed trails, which helps minimize vehicular impacts.

Please find a few minutes to support the removal of any language in the new State budget that would sweep this funding!

Email State Representative Bob Thorpe (or your local Representative if he isn’t…)

And contact Governor Doug Ducey through his online contact form.