UPDATE- We have received some clarification on this issue. Current Open Space Commission and City staff recommendations include open space designation and only partial sale of these parcels. Our primary concerns are that the lands maintain their current character and that access to trails and open space is maintained, which could be achieved through these recommendations.We will be staying engaged on this issue and we are writing the City Council to emphasize our concerns, as the Council will ultimately decide the disposition of these properties, and they may still disagree with staff and Commission recommendations. We will publish the content of that letter here once it is completed.

Attendance of the meeting mentioned below, and/or letters to the City Council are still necessary!

The Schultz “Y” de facto trail head land and the Buffalo Park Annex land are again under consideration for sale.

Please attend the City Council work session, Monday, October 28th at 4:00 pm, Flagstaff City Hall.

Your attendance is urgently needed to demonstrate again that these parcels are valued by the citizens of Flagstaff as open space, and potentially as a designated trail head, and not as more housing and roads!

As you may be aware, moves were made earlier this year to try to put these parcels up for sale. On very short notice we were able to get quite a few folks to show up in opposition to this.

We need your help again, and with more time this time, we are really hoping to pack the council chambers in order to put a finer point on this message.

If you are unable to attend, (but we stress that this is extremely important!), please email the Flagstaff City Council members at council@flagstaffaz.gov .