Flagstaff Biking needs the support of Flagstaff residents to pass this ordinance that would require minors younger than 18 years of age to wear a bike helmet when biking. The specifics of the law are not ironed out, you can help us by giving your comments and we ask you to provide us with a letter of support that we can present to the city of Flagstaff council.

Many communities around the country and Arizona have passed similar laws (including Tucson, Yuma, Globe and others). Most by incentive programs that emphasizing rewarding those children that comply with the law, as well as with modest penalties imposed after an appropriate period of public education and encouragement.

Support the proposal to require children under 18 to wear a helmet in Flagstaff. Teaching children this simple and effective habit can save our kids, our families, and our community the pain and heartbreak of head injuries and multiplies the savings in health costs.




Dear FBO,

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, join with Flagstaff Biking Organization in support of a city law to require minors under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while on Flagstaff streets and trails.  Minors are not in the position to make this important decision, but the costs of possible head trauma make this proposal a winner for children, families, and the community. Head traumas can cost individuals and societies many times the cost of a helmet program, and Flagstaff will be sending a positive message to its families to improve safety through this simple and low-cost effort.