Click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to take a survey on your concerns and observations about riding on State Highways in Arizona.

Press Release:

PHOENIX—As more people use two wheels instead of four to get around, the Arizona Department of Transportation is developing a Bicycle Safety Action Plan to help keep cyclists safe on Arizona’s highways. The goal—to reduce the number of bicycle crashes with motor vehicles and improve safety for both cyclists and drivers.

One of the most important steps in creating the Bicycle Safety Action Plan is to document the perspectives, concerns and input from the cycling community. All residents of Arizona are invited to participate and complete a survey about bicycle safety. The results of the survey will serve as valuable feedback in identifying important bicycle safety issues and will help establish goals and objectives for the Bicycle Safety Action Plan.

“We want to hear from the cycling community about safety concerns when biking along Arizona’s highways,” said Michael Sanders, ADOT’s bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. “Feedback from users is critical to improve highway safety for everyone and also to provide input on specific locations around the state that concern cyclists.”

The survey asks cyclists about their level of biking experience and comfort level, where they like to bike, and their suggestions for improving bicycle riding and safety along the state highway system. The survey results, along with an analysis of crash data over the past five years, will help shape the Bicycle Safety Action Plan. The plan is expected to be in place in 2011.

A link to the survey can be found on ADOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program website at The results of the online survey are collected automatically, so respondents do not have to e-mail or print the completed survey. The survey will be active through the end of July.

For assistance completing the survey or for more information on the Bicycle Safety Action Plan, please contact Michael Sanders, ADOT’s bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, at