“All Modes Use Roads!”

Prop 403 is the County Initiative for Road Maintenance Sales Tax. I say “All Modes Use Roads!!!” and they provide great cycling opportunities with the ability to shift in the city from bike to bus, road to trail; and outside the city from vehicle to trail, and/or longer rides such as from your home to Mormon Lake, or perhaps Clints Well on Lake Mary Road or Perkinsville Road south of Williams? You probably have your favorite with excellent views, especially now with the wildflowers and fall setting in.

Not an outdoors enthusiast? If you want to get there, chances are you use a mode on a road to get where you are going every day. By mode I mean a method of transportation whether it is by bicycle, feet, car, bus, etc. Most people associate roads only with motorized vehicles, but they certainly accommodate more.

The County isn’t perfect, but we have been gradually improving what we do as a community, working together on roads and trails and buses with Flagstaff Biking Organization, Mountainline (NAIPTA), the City of Flagstaff, FMPO, NACOG, the Forest Service, and our own departments in the County through CREC, Parks and Rec, Public Works and others – more people and organizations than I can include! That is because there are a lot of us out there trying to make it better!

Buuuut roads are expensive. The cost of living has gone up, road mileage has increased with growth, the cost of road paving product has gone up – but the money to pay for roads hasn’t kept pace. Prop 403, by the County, is .3 of a penny. Prop 406 by the City of Flagstaff is .33 of a penny. Both together (.3 + .33 = .63) less the County’s CPOS tax which is expiring this month of .125 (so .63 – .125) = .505 of a penny, about a nickel on a $10 purchase, say a pizza. Or about 50 cents on a $100 purchase? This is the amount that we the County, with Prop 403, plus the City of Flagstaff, Prop 406, are proposing to help pay for roads which helps other modes!

For gobs more information on the County and why we support Prop 403, see: http://www.coconino.az.gov/CountyRoads and for the County’s Capital Improvement Plan Fact Sheet and for CIP and chip seal maps see https://gismaps.coconino.az.gov/CountyRoadProjects/

If you want to get there, chances are you use a mode on a road. Hope to see you on a mode out there!