Rock feature on Meteoride – photo courtesy Sam McLaughlin

After a small hiccup because of last year’s dry monsoon, (leading to inordinately dry soil conditions not conducive to trail construction), the new flow trail, “Full Sail”, is open to ride! The new “Meteoride” trail has been open for a while this spring as well.

These two directional bike trails are an important part of the final result of years of advocacy and efforts by Flagstaff Biking Organization and scores of other local advocates, volunteers, and the Flagstaff Ranger District.

In 2006, Flagstaff Biking Organization sent this letter to the Flagstaff Ranger District asking the Forest Service to include opportunities for downhill mountain biking on the formal trail system. That initial effort was a primary catalyst for what eventually became known as the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project, (MEDL), which was signed in the spring of 2022.

Meteoride is a steep technical descent with with rock drops and challenging features designed for highly-skilled mountain bikers. Meteoride was built by volunteers, who contributed over 500 hours of time, and the Flagstaff Ranger District Trail Crew with support from Nackard Pepsi, Fratelli Pizza, Flagstaff Biking Organization, Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution and Absolute Bikes.

Full Sail is a machine-built flow trail with numerous table-tops, jumps, berms and other challenge features, but optional easier lines and opportunities to roll, rather than jump, everything. Full Sail was built by local trail and bike park builders, Flagline Trails with funding provided by the Catena Foundation matched with Flagstaff Ranger District and Flagstaff Biking Organization project management time.

Some considerations for using both of these trails:

Jump on Full Sail
  • Pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride! We highly recommend scouting and taking a slower run before sending these trails.
  • Do not stop in the middle of these trails, especially on the landings! Please practice good etiquette by keeping the trail clear for other riders.
  • Yield to faster riders! Let folks play through so everyone can enjoy their own pace.
  • Do not climb these routes on your bike, hike or ride horses on these trails! There are several other trails in the MEDL Project that are being developed for exclusive hiking use, and/or with a hiking or equestrian focus. These trails are built to descend on bikes which should ultimately help disperse this use from other routes designed for multiple uses.

Both of these trails are now published on Trailforks here and here. Go ride ‘em!

Sick Edit Competition!

You can win a $100 gift certificate to the local bike shop of your choice and worldwide acclaim and recognition for your riding and video production skillz! Go ride Full Sail and record your exploits on video. Please exercise courtesy on the trail and make way for other riders. You are on your own for the filming, we just want to see the results.

Post your edit to YouTube and send the link to before June 30th.

Our team of internationally renowned cinema critics will evaluate all of the entries and choose a winner to receive $100 gift certificate to either Absolute Bikes, Cosmic Cycles, Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution or Single Track Bikes (winner’s choice).

We reserve the right to share all the videos on social media, our web site, etc. As part of our obligation to the grantor for the construction of Full Sail, we need to provide some video footage of the trail in use.

Volunteer To Help With Future Maintenance On Full Sail

Over time, Full Sail will need some regular maintenance to keep the features riding just right.

The Forest Service will be looking for people with some experience maintaining this sort of trail and/or bike park type features. Volunteers would monitor the condition of the trail and report to the Flagstaff Ranger District trail crew leadership when maintenance is needed. Volunteers would then coordinate with the District to schedule volunteer work days with the FRD Trail Crew.

If you are interested in volunteering to work on this trail on a semi-regular basis, please email with your full name, phone number and a note about your experience to .