Flagstaff Biking Organization has hired IMBA Trail Solutions, (with a matching grant from our IMBA Regional Rep, Patrick Kell, thanks Patrick!), to build a plan and budget for the Ft. Tuthill Mountain Bike Park!

Flagstaff Biking Organization and Flagstaff Gravity Riders will be coordinating a public meeting, with IMBA Trail Solutions and Coconino County Parks and Recreation Staff in attendance, to gather input on what sorts of specific features are most desired by riders in the area. FBO/FGR will be making a shortish presentation and then we will be working on some exercises to get input on what specific features everyone would like to see at the Fort Tuthill Mountain Bike Park, and in what priority.

Take our short online survey here!


Join us on Wednesday, April 24th, 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm, Coconino County Supervisors Chambers, 219 E. Cherry Ave.

Please spread the word!

For more information, call Anthony Quintile @ 928-526-7704 or email him.