Flagstaff Biking Organization has been a key stakeholder as part of the core group that has initiated and developed this Draft Regional Trail Strategy. 

Please read below, use the links to navigate to the documents, and give feedback!

Collaborative Vision for Flagstaff’s Trail System Released
Trail providers, users, conservation advocates and other partners have come together as the Flagstaff Trails Initiative (FTI) to prepare the draft Flagstaff Regional Trail Strategy, a plan for the region’s recreational trail system and a set of actions to get there.  

The Initiative represents the most sustained, broad-based attempt to bring together everyone who cares about trails and answer the question: how can we elevate our trails from good to extraordinary? 

The Strategy lays out an approach to improve the system through trail planning, education, financial sustainability and conservation. 

Highlights of the strategy include a prioritized list of trail projects and connections, proposals for enhancing financial sustainability through a new nonprofit organization and Flagstaff Trail Fund and ideas for new education programs like a “Share the Trails” etiquette campaign. If you get outside around Flagstaff you’ll care about what’s inside.
Check out the Flagstaff Regional Trail Strategy  
Seeking Community Feedback through February 7
We want to hear from you!  Weigh in on the ideas, strategies and recommendations we came up with.

How to Access & Comment on the Strategy Download the strategy or executive summary at flagstafftrailsinitiative.org Share comments on specific proposals in the Strategy Use the FTI interactive map to tour trail recommendations and comb through the feedback we’ve received thus far Attend a presentation to learn more: Flagstaff City Council (December 3rd) or FTI Public Meeting (January 15th)