On Monday, February 3rd, at 4 pm the Flagstaff City Council and Coconino County Supervisors will be meeting to discuss the final report and potential recommendations at Flagstaff City Hall for pursuing designation as an NCA/NSA or not.

We at Flagstaff Biking Organization have been tracking the Walnut Canyon Study, that arose out of the desire of some parties to substantially expand Walnut Canyon National Monument, for well over a decade.

Although we are huge supporters of National Parks and Monuments, these designations can adversely affect mountain bike access. Some of the earlier proposals might have closed the Arizona Trail along Walnut Canyon Rim, the Flagstaff Loop Trail and other trails to bicycles.

We have been supporting National Conservation Area or National Scenic Area designation as proposed by Ralph Baierlein as an alternative that would protect this area in perpetuity from land swaps and development and protect bicycle and other recreational access.

The final Walnut Canyon Study has been released, and in short it recognizes that the vast majority of this area does not meet the qualifications for National Park or Monument designation.

Please show up and support this important open space in Flagstaff!

For more info on the Walnut Canyon Study, click here.