Among the various things that Flagstaff Biking Organization does to help support bicycling in northern Arizona is to file formal comment letters with the US Forest Service and other agencies and contractors to help make sure that the concerns of bicyclists are represented in planning processes.

We have over the past several months commented on several planning issues. Attached here are links to three comment letters we submitted.

The big one is the Forest Plan revision for the Coconino National Forest. This has not been done since 1987. Needless to say, mountain biking, and mountain bike use on this Forest, has changed substantially since the late 1980s. A Forest Management Plan is the background document for all direction on a National Forest.  Here is a link to a .pdf of our comments:

Here is a link to information about the Coconino National Forest’s Plan revision process.

We commented on the Walnut Canyon Study. This study was established by the Congress, with the support of Senators McCain and Kyl, to determine what the appropriate management strategies might be for the area surrounding Walnut Canyon National Monument. This could include expanding the Monument substantially, which could adversely affect mountain biking on the Arizona Trail, Campbell Mesa, the Flagstaff Loop Trail and other trails in the area. We’re hoping to protect mountain bike access in the Walnut Canyon area. Here is a link to our comments on the Walnut Canyon Study.

Here is a link to information on the Walnut Canyon Study.

We also commented on the Sedona Trails Study proposal by the Red Rock Ranger District’s recreation staff. This proposal may, hopefully, lead to the legal establishment of a bunch of new trails in the Sedona area. We wrote to express support of these new trails. Here is a link to our comments on this proposal.

Here is a link to information on this US Forest Service proposal.

We welcome feedback on our input, and hope that everyone out there will try to stay engaged in these, and other bicycle advocacy processes in Northern Arizona. This is by no means a comprehensive representation of all of our efforts.

If you have questions, please contact Anthony at