Flagstaff Biking Organization is asking Flagstaff Trail enthusiasts to help out Timberline Trail with a quick email.

The proposed Timberline Trail is an urban-style trail similar to the Flagstaff Urban Trails (FUTS) that will link Flagstaff to the Timberline and Fernwood Estates in the Doney Park area. The proposed non-motorized trail is intended for hiking, bicycling and equestrian access to popular forest trails along Mount Elden and the Peaks. It will connect to the Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS) and the new Flagstaff Loop Trail. Current alignments place the 10 mile trail on public Coconino Forest land 1000 feet away from adjoining neighborhoods. Here’s a map, and more information about the proposed trail. This is a public trail to be built on public land for all to enjoy and it has already been funded.

FBO thanks those in the Flagstaff community who have supported the Timberline Trail in the past through petitions, e-mails or by attending public meetings in support of the Trail. We appreciate your prior efforts, but we fear our voice has not yet been heard by the decision makers– and the future of the Timberline Trail is in jeopardy. A small but vocal minority may destroy the Doney Park’s community’s opportunity to enhance it’s quality of life with a quality community trail– based on fears that have proven completely unfounded on Flagstaff’s urban trails. We know, and statistics abundantly prove, that urban commuting and recreation trails greatly enhance the quality of life and property values of any community.

We fear that the number of folks who support the Timberline Trail has been under-reported and we thus ask your help to secure this trail system.

Please help us by sending an email to Jack Welch (jack@flagstaffbiking.org) using this format:

“I support the Timberline Trail”; (Plus any additional arguments)

Your name,
Your address (optional but strongly encouraged), or at least your neighborhood,
City, State

FBO will present these tangible support statements at the next public meeting concerning the Timberline Trail. Currently we can’t demonstrate that support — that is why we ask you (and your friends as well) to email FBO your voice of support.

Our goal is provide 1000 e-mails in support of the trail. Please send your e-mail to Jack Welch at Jack@flagstaffbiking.org, and ask your friends to do so also. We can win this trail but we have to be able to prove the public support for the trail is far greater than the opposition.


Jack Welch
Flagstaff Biking Organization
Board of Directors