This year we are honoring Curtis Johnston for his contributions to cycling in Northern Arizona.

We have worked with innumerable volunteers over the past two decades, and we are grateful to everyone who has spent their time to further the mission of promoting bicycling.

Without volunteers, bicycling in Flagstaff and on our trails would not be nearly as great.

Rarely have we had the pleasure of working with someone who is as present, available,  capable, and amicable as Curt.

Curt always stepped up, usually before being asked, to help with supporting and guiding various events, running Trail Days, and filling in the myriad needs that we have had as an organization.

In addition to his support of Flagstaff Biking Organization, he was a member of the Flagstaff Trail Faeries and was instrumental in constructing and maintaining Little Elden, the Arizona Trail, Upper Moto and many other trails that have been enjoyed by so many folks.

Curt was also the Faerie who actually got it together to bring the brats to celebrate a successful Trail Faeries season.

As important as he was to us, and to our mission of promoting cycling, when we attended Curt’s memorial it became apparent that his efforts with us were only a small part of the good Curt has done in this world.

Numerous people stood up and recounted story after story about how Curt had helped and mentored them in some way during his life.

We are all honored that Curt threw a little of his light our way.

We will be having a brick placed at Heritage Square to honor his contribution to promoting bicycling as a safe and attractive means of transportation and recreation in Northern Arizona.