SEE ABOVE FOR UPDATE originally posted the week of June 25th

Please see here for a map of the Schultz fire perimeter with a trails layer.


Please note that not all trails shown are system trails! Some trails may or may not exist as shown and may not be signed, maintained or safe to use, regardless of the presence of fire. The trails layer is shown for reference only!

Please see here for the Forest Order and corresponding map for the fire area closure.

This Order only affects the area around the fire! Many of the Flagstaff area trails are still open, including the Arizona Trail in Hart Prairie, the trails in the Walnut Canyon area and more.

If we get rain and/or containment of the fire, we would expect most of  the Dry Lake Hills and Ft. Valley trails to be re-opened almost immediately. Stay tuned.

Fire restrictions are in effect! Please see here for details about this.

We’d like everyone to keep a positive outlook on the fires!

Our trails are not being “destroyed”. We will most likely see some temporary trail closures for safety concerns like hazard trees, but this will be on only a few trails most likely. (Probably Little Bear, Little Elden, Deer Hill, Waterline). Although the scenery will definitely have changed for the burned area, we can look forward to spectacular wildflower displays and the regeneration of aspen in much of the burned area. The trails and the forest will recover!

If you’d like to help, stay tuned for info on classes in trail maintenance and construction.

IMBA will be here next month, cross-cut saw classes are usually held in the spring. Flagstaff Biking Organization will be working with the Forest Service to help keep our trails as awesome as ever, but we’ll need your help!