Flagstaff Biking Organization is honored today to recognize Cosmic Ray Brutti for his contributions to bicycling in Northern Arizona.

Ray was a lifelong goodwill ambassador for cycling, and was a pioneer in mountain biking.

His guidebook, “Fat Tire Tales and Trails”, was among a handful of resources for finding where to ride in the earliest days of mountain biking.

He helped introduce tens of thousands of riders, including, I am sure, many of us here today, to trail systems throughout Arizona before such information was at everyone’s fingertips on the internet.

His whimsical guides embraced the free-spirited and adventurous nature of those early days of trail riding, and got many of us both lost and found in the backcountry.

He volunteered his mechanical skills at numerous fix-it clinics to keep people’s bikes rolling.

The frustration of a broken bike can be enough distraction to turn anyone away from riding for good, and his efforts doubtless kept myriad kids and adults on their bikes.

Anyone immersed in the bicycling community here will attest to Ray’s good nature and amiability.

Ray made an effort to visit, say “hello”, and be a friend.

He is missed, but his mark has been left indelibly on mountain biking and cycling culture.