Friday Movie night was great fun: Good thing I don’t live in New York City, ‘cuz I graded my bike lock-up style, according to Hal Grades Your Bike Locking, and my precious Raleigh commuter would be in grave jeopardy (D-) in NYC. In Flag a cable through the frame and rear wheel of my 30 year old 10-speed is probably a B+ and just fine.

Final results for Bike to Work Week:
Once we cleaned up the duplicate entries and finger-stutter issues (no one, in fact commuted 4000 miles on Friday), these were our totals:
Total logins:                           1874 for the week
Individual Participants:        763
Total Miles Logged:      14,388                         
Average Commute:     7.7 miles
Longest Commute:       35 miles, Kerri Love & Luke Hovee, Novakinetics
Shortest Commute:      0.02 Miles (On a bike? that’s 53 feet ONE WAY and it was logged 3 times; not a mistake I guess). We may have to set a minimum.

The Worksite Challenge Winners:
Once It was a nail-biting finish in both the large and small worksites. The Winners? Find out here.

How much energy did we save?
The average car on the road might get 17 mpg in the city…That’s
846 gallons of gasoline
4,516 pounds of carbon spared the atmosphere
Way to GO

How much did we burn? 14,400 miles at about 13 mph for a 155 # individual would require:
   890    Big Macs
2,025    Slices of Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza
3,693    Veggie Burgers
3,139    Krispie Kreme glazed donuts
4,059    Pounds of Broccoli
1,383    Pounds of Tofu
Hope you’re hungry.

Go to the Winner’s Page to see the winners of the week’s raffles as well as the winners of the Bike to Movie Winners.
Honorable Mentions:
Tour de Commute. Here’s 5 people that made the 100 mile club, some in only 4 days:

Name Worksite Days Logged Sum of miles for week
Kerri Love Novakinetics 4 128
Adam Umholtz Shephard-Wesnitzer, Inc. 4 117
Anthony Quintile Absolute Bikes 5 110
Luke Hovee Novakinetics 4 109
Rick Taylor COF – Wildcat Hill WWTP 5 100

Lifers or Newbies? Of the 1874 people that logged in during Bike to Work Week:
Logged in everyday: 93 or 5.0%
4 days per week: 119 or 6.3%
3 days per week: 125 or 6.7%
2 days per week: 139 or 7.4%
1 days per week: 287 or 15.3%

Bike to work week demonstrates the tremendous potential Flagstaff’s population has to make a difference by commuting by bicycle. We can make that difference count more by bike commuting more often. Let’s keep the FUTS trails busy with cyclists and make every week Bike To Work Week.

THANKS! To the B2WW sponsors (Flagstaff Medical Center, Absolute Bikes, and AZ Bikes); to the many businesses that contributed raffle prizes, and most of all…
to ALL the People that ride their bikes, last week and every week, because all of those folks made Bike To Work Week a success!

Flagstaff Biking Organization