The Active Transportation Master Plan is the most important bicycle infrastructure plan for Flagstaff ever!

All of the links and info you need are below, but please make an effort to learn about it and stress to City representatives and staff that this is important to you!

Upon initial review by Flagstaff Biking Organization, it is apparent that, although there is lots to love in the Draft, bicycling, (and pedestrian), infrastructure is again being built around infrastructure for motor vehicles rather than being made a priority. The ATMP is the opportunity to bring Flagstaff into the future of multimodal transportation, and the draft misses the mark in several places.

There are many instances where this is an issue in the draft plan, but to provide an example for reference, although traffic circles are incorporating separated bike lanes, bicyclists are made to stop and wait for vehicles that may or may not yield to allow them to cross. For a cyclists to make a left hand turn at a traffic circle, they would have to cross four separate motor vehicle traffic lanes, one at a time, before proceeding on their way. We would rather see an alternative that allowed cyclists and pedestrians to proceed under the entrance and exit lanes for vehicles without stopping, (grade separated), or another similar solution.

Prioritizing and encouraging, rather than merely accommodating, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in an appealing way is apt to get far more people to consider travelling by bike or foot, which builds a healthier, more sustainable and more livable community.

Please stress to the City Staff and Council in your comments and in the survey that this plan should take the opportunity to truly embrace cutting edge multimodal infrastructure for Flagstaff once and for all!

The City of Flagstaff’s Active Transportation Master Plan web page with all ATMP info and resources.

Download and review the Draft Active Transportation Master Plan here.

–> Please take the survey here before November 19th! <–