A field survey of bicycle parking in Flagstaff was conducted in the spring of 2012 by a student intern from Northern Arizona University – follow this link for more information and to see the inventory:


So far, 400 bike racks have been identified around the city, providing parking for almost 3,000 bicycles; and now we can use your help to complete the survey:

First, we surveyed a lot of locations, but undoubtedly there are locations that we missed.  If you know of a bicycle rack that has not been surveyed, please send us the specific location or address so we can include it.  Before submitting a location, please review the map and inventory guidelines to make sure it hasn’t already been included in the survey.

Second, let us know about places in town where you think bike parking is most needed – where none is provided, where there is not enough, or where it is poorly located or not functional.

We are working with NAU to include bike racks on campus, and with Mountain Line for bike racks at bus stops

For more info, contact:

Martin Ince, Multimodal Transportation Planner
City of Flagstaff/Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization
928 213 2685