Trail News

Timberline Trail Project

Please come to this meeting to support this trail project! There are people who are opposed to this idea because they are concerned that a trail near their neighborhood may attract unsavory types. Come out and demonstrate that trail users are good folks! An Information/ Public Comment Meeting on the proposed Timberline Trail Project will be held on Wednesday, January 14th , from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Summit Fire

Last chance at 2008 Loop Trail Building!

Update: Turnout for Nov 8th was FanTASTic! Shows what a nice Flag weekend and nice Flag volunteers can do for an effort. Check out more photos HERE! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Join the last trail day for the season on Saturday, November 8th! Please PRE-REGISTER! The November Loop Trail Day will be held off Lake Mary Road between the water plant, Skunk Canyon and Pine Canyon Club. Here’s a MAP on where to meet. Saturday’s

Join FBO for our First Loop Trail Crew Day Oct. 11th!

After 5 years of waiting, we have begun to build THE LOOP TRAIL! You might think the sketchy weather on Saturday would slow down the work we had planned. BUT NO! Our crack team of dedicated volunteers kicked some serious dirt, rocks and butt! Go check out the pictures on our images page or the article in the Arizona Daily Sun or Jack’s column. Thirty brave souls were not detered by the scary

New AZ Trail Singletrack through Hart Prairie

Along with our help, and the help of many others, the Arizona Trail Association is happy to announce that a significant section of the Arizona Trail has been completed through Hart Prairie, starting just below Snowbowl and continuing north to Bismark Lake. There are some options to make loops using Hart Prairie Road, or this section of trail can be ridden as an out-and-back. They need our help to get

Sept 6th: The Pedals vs Pistons vs Horseshoes vs. Hiking Boots Trail Work Challenge!

Sept 6th, The Pedals vs Pistons vs Horseshoes vs. Hiking Boots Challenge!   Challenge Results: Pistons won in numbers-they delivered 28 people to Upper Moto’s trail maintenance… a fair trade? Pedals were 17 strong and gave up the trophy. No peds or ponies were in evidence, but it could be argued this wasn’t the trail to draw them. Mea culpa. It wasn’t fair. On the Carbon footprint challenge, the results were

August 9th, Benham Trail, Kaibab National Forest

See PHOTOS from this event! We have expanded our August 9 trail day to include a campout on Friday night, August 8. Campsites will be along the forest service road between Perkinsville Road and the Trailhead. Those interested in camping should contact John Tingerthal, 928-699-0196 so we can get a headcount for dinner and breakfast. “Williams Clean & Beautiful” has graciously volunteered to provide dinner and breakfast for the campout,

Trail Day, Saturday July 26th

8:30am to 2:00pm Project: The Arizona Trail Humphrey’s TH- Hart Prairie This is an Arizona Trail day in cooperation with NATRA (Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association) and ATA (AZ Trail Association). We will work to bridge the gap of the 16 miles of the AZ trail that happen to be here abouts. Go HERE for more details. All Trail Events start at 8:30am. We will work until 12:30-1pm. Lunch and

July 12ths Trail Day: Kachina Wetlands / Highlands Trail

We had a great turnout for this event to complete the singletrack bridging Pine Dells to Kachina Wetlands. (See the trails!). About 35 folks turned out and we completed the connection to the power-line trail. GREAT JOB PEOPLE! We had some intermittent cloud cover, the spicy smell of the night’s rain on grasses, lots of flowers, and the storm waited until after lunch to let loose… just in time to interrupt

End of an Era…

This post is to inform all of those interested that sections of the old “Secret Trail” alignment are being obliterated by the US Forest Service. This work is being done as part of the implementation of the Fort Valley Restoration Project. This project is responsible also for the miles of new trail constructed in lower Fort Valley, the new Upper Moto alignment, as well as several fuels and timber projects