Flagstaff Biking Organization presents to the Forest Service, County and Snowbowl on Gravity Fed Mountain biking in Flagstaff

On March 10th, Flagstaff Biking Organization presented information on the history of downhill mountain biking and made some proposals for providing opportunities for this type of riding in the Flagstaff area to representatives from the Coconino National Forest, Coconino County, and the Arizona Snowbowl. (The City Recreation Superintendent was not present because of a last minute schedule conflict, but he is aware of our intent and ideas.) Our presentation and

Bring Downhill Mountain Biking to Snowbowl!

For years we have heard numerous requests for reasons why Arizona Snowbowl hasn’t built a downhill mountain bike park. The reasons are good and many, but that doesn’t mean that this could never be accomplished. Join us in demonstrating that there is considerable demand within the cycling community for an inclusive, lift assisted bike park at Arizona Snowbowl that would appeal to everyone from families and beginner riders to extreme