“Full Sail” Flow Trail and “Meteoride” Are Ready For Full Send!

After a small hiccup because of last year’s dry monsoon, (leading to inordinately dry soil conditions not conducive to trail construction), the new flow trail, “Full Sail”, is open to ride! The new “Meteoride” trail has been open for a while this spring as well. These two directional bike trails are an important part of the final result of years of advocacy and efforts by Flagstaff Biking Organization and scores

Observatory Mesa Trails Planning Draft – Please Attend Public Meeting, Take Survey, Write Comments

Flagstaff Biking Organization’s comment letter here. The City of Flagstaff Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Events (PROSE) has released its revised Draft Greater Observatory Mesa Trail Plan. The original Draft was put on hold and greatly revised into its current iteration, available here https://www.flagstaff.az.gov/3284/Flagstaff-Community-Forum?cf_url=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunityfeedback.opengov.com%2Fportals%2Fflagstaffaz%2FIssue_12892#peak_democracy . —Please take this survey! https://communityfeedback.opengov.com/12892 —Write a letter and send it before July 16th. Address it to: mark@swdresources.comRobert.Wallace@flagstaffaz.govcouncil@flagstaffaz.gov FBO will be sending a comment letter,

Flagstaff Biking Organization, USFS and Flagline Trails Partnering on Mount Elden/Dry Lake Hills Trail Project

Flagstaff, Arizona, June 6th, 2023 – Flagstaff Biking Organization (FBO) has obtained funding and will be hiring a professional trail building company, Flagline Trails, also of Flagstaff, to design and build a mountain bike flow trail, design and layout a new alignment for a multi-use single track trail, known as “Climb 3”, and place trail signage as part of the Mount Elden Dry lake Hills Recreation Planning Project (MEDL) implementation.

FBO’s Comments on the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Environmental Assessment

Here are our comments on the Comments on the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Environmental Assessment Please click here for more info on this project and how to submit your own comments. June 23, 2021 Dear Mr. McGrath Thank you for opportunity to comment on the Mount Elden / Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project  Environmental Assessment (MEDL EA). We are generally supportive of the plan as laid

Please comment before July 1st on the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project!

The Environmental Assessment for the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project has been released. From our initial review, we are pretty happy with what the Flagstaff Ranger District has chosen to include in this plan. It is apparent that the Forest Service is taking its role to proactively manage recreation in the MEDL area very seriously, and that they have heard the input from us and the scores

Flagstaff Biking Organizations Comments on the 2020 Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Proposed Action

For a PDF version of this letter, click here. For a detailed map that accompanies this letter, click here. Thank you for opportunity to comment on the Mount Elden / Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project Scoping Proposed Action (MEDL PA)! This is the most important non-motorized recreation planning project for Flagstaff ever and we are excited to be a part of it. This effort will require community support not

URGENT! Please comment on the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project Proposed Action!

MOUNTAIN BIKERS! PLEASE COMMENT! DEADLINE Monday, September 28th, 2020! It’s time! The Flagstaff Ranger District is requesting public input on their Proposed Action for the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills Recreation Project. Speak now or forever hold your peace! Some key points you might want to highlight: First and foremost: BE POLITE AND OFFER CONSTRUCTIVE, USEFUL INPUT! Mountain biking is very important to you! An array of mountain biking trail

The Fort Tuthill Bike Park is seeking sponsors and donors!

Last spring, we had just been awarded the IMBA Bell Built Grant, but there had still not been any dirt moved. Today, we have three flow trails, a tot track, return and entrance trails, signage, a tool shed and volunteer program all in place! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this initial success! We still have a ton of work to do to build out several more phases. We

Vote for the Fort Tuthill Bike Park to win a $5000 grant from Patagonia and Mountain Sports!

Please go to Mountain Sports Flagstaff each and every day that you can between now and April 30th and vote for Flagstaff Biking Organization to get a $5000 grant for the Fort Tuthill Bike Park!! Each vote is a raffle ticket for a $500 gift certificate at Mountain Sports for you too! Simply stop into Mountain Sports Flagstaff to “Voice Your Choice” daily between April 15 and April 30, 2015.

Donate some of that money you got for Christmas to the Fort Tuthill Bike Park!

We are still trying to raise money for the next phases of the Fort Tuthill Bike Park! Click here to donate now! Your money will be used to move dirt, buy features and construct things like the new skills features, pump tracks, dirt jumps and more! Any amount will help, even only a dollar! A donation of $40 will get you a rad sticker. A donation of $100 or more