Bike Rodeos

Bike to Work Week, Trail Days, Bike Rodeos and More!

It’s springtime and time to ride! Once again we at Flagstaff Biking Organization have been busy through the winter planning our schedule of advocacy events for the spring, summer and fall! Here’s an overview of some of what we have going on… Bike to Work Week has new dates! Flagstaff Bike to Work Week is scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd through Friday, June 8th! We had so many years of

IMPORTANT!!! Please help keep the Recreational Trails, Safe Route to School and Transportation Enhancement Programs funded!!

The Congress and Senate are drafting a transportation bill right now that would potentially cut the Recreational Trails, Safe Routes to School and Transportation Enhancement Programs. These programs fund things right here in Flagstaff like the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, the Safe Kids Bicycle Rodeo Program and various other recreational trails projects on the Coconino National Forest. Please click here and submit the form letter that is provided, courtesy of

Volunteers needed for Bicycle Rodeo!

FBO will present a Bicycle Rodeo to the third and fourth grade of Kinsey Elementary on Wednesday, September 24th.  We are looking for volunteers from 9:30am-2pm.  This is a great opportunity to teach children the rules of the road and to educate them about the importance of wearing a helmet.  They leave with new knowledge (and go home and tell their parents!) and you leave knowing you made a difference! 

Walk to School Day-October 3rd

Do you remember when you were a kid and everyone rode a bike or walked to school? Times have changed but we want to give kids and parents the confidence and reassurance that it’s safe for their kid to get to school. Safe Kids of Coconino County is hosting a Walk to School Day at four elementary schools in Flagstaff. Children across the globe will be walking to school in

FBO is awarded $38,000 Safe Routes to School Grant!

Flagstaff Biking Organization has been awarded a grant through the national Safe Routes to School program to expand their existing Bicycle Safety Education Program. In the 2007 school year, FBO will offer bicycle rodeos to five Title nine elementary schools, offer incentives to children who ride their bikes to school and purchase much needed new equipment to assist in this expansion. If you’d like more information about this exciting news