Flagstaff Biking Organization would like to THANK YOU for participating in Bike to Work Week in the past. We are gearing up for BTWW 2009 on May 10th-15th, and we will need your help and participation again to make this year even more successful. Each year this event grows and becomes more successful, thanks to folks like you! And have you noticed the results? Each year we get more bike lanes, more urban trails, better representation, and more cyclists. Thanks in part to YOU!

How can you contribute? Click on these for details…

The Worksite Challenge

Register your Worksite now! As a coordinator, you are the backbone of BTWW’s success-we can’t thank you enough.  Contact Susan Susan@flagstaffbiking.org;  if you have questions about registering.

Last year’s great success was due in no small part to breaking big worksites into smaller sub-divisions. We want to continue that effort to get more folks to bike commute! Divide and conquer– FMC, GORE, NAU, County, City and the Feds!

We want to recruit more worksites this year… help us find potential new worksites and ways to help your worksite cycle more!

We want to see more intra-worksite challenges as well… last year many worksites spiced up the challenge with their own prizes and challenges.

The Worksite Challenge will run FIVE FULL DAYS this year, with results announced the following Monday Live on the Eagle 103.7 FM.

Competing for the 2 Breezer Commuter bikes this year are the Large and Medium Worksites: “Large” is 40 or more employees; “Medium” is 11-39. The smaller worksites are “Small”: 4-10 employees,  and Nano, with 1-3 employees.

Go here for the complete rules of the Challenge.                                                       Back to the Top

Prize Donations

If you worksite has a product perfect for the bike commuter, consider contributing some to our daily raffles drawings. Prizes should be about $20-25 each with a minimum donation of $50. The prizes are tax deductible, your business is recognized on our website, and you help inspire new cyclists to try bike commuting. It’s Win Win!   Contact FBO about your donation.

Bike Donations

Do you have a bike sitting around that no-one is using? (Who doesn’t?) If it is in reasonable shape, please donate it to FBO for our annual fundraiser at the Bike Bazaar. It’s tax deductible, your garage is cleaner, and FBO and someone who needs a cheap bike all benefit. We can also use various good parts, (wheels!), as well as mechanics willing to donate a few hours to help us fix them up! Contact Susan (774-5583) and drop it off or we can pick it up.

School Coordinators

We need a staff, teacher or parent onsite at each school Thursday morning May 14th, during Bike to School day. These folks will report the number of students that biked that day for our Golden Sprocket Contests, and they can help inspire tomorrow’s bike commuters as well as tally riders. Four trophies for 4 school classes: Elementary, Middle, High and Alternative Schools. Contact US if you can help.


We have 3 contests besides the worksite and school challenges.                                 Back to the Top

  • Student Film: Three cash prizes ($50-$200) go to the K-12 students that produce the winning films about cycling…any subject… documentary, artsy, fiction…your commute…At the BMX park? mt Biking? family rides? All riders in the film must be wearing helmets while riding. Entries must be submitted by May 8th. Contact Melissa for more info.
  • Photo Contest: Theme: “The Best Part of My Bike Commute“. All entries must be submitted in 5″x7” or larger format for presentation (digital submissions initially accepted). Entries must be submitted by May 8th and the photo must be represented by its photographer. The prize? The winner gets a Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer donated by Bike Shop Hub!  SWEET!
  • Poetry Slam: (Printable) results will be posted on our website.

Contest questions? Contact Susan.

Bike Bazaar Tables

Follow this link to reserve your table ONLINE now for the Bike Bazaar on May 10th. Cost is $20 per table (you can share one with a friend if you don’t have that much stuff). SPACE IS LIMITED! Act NOW!

Bike to Breakfast Booths

You can sponsor and run a breakfast booth on Bike to Breakfast day, Wednesday, May 13th. You will provide the coffee, chow, staff, fun and decorations for each site, a cost of approximately $250. You will also need at least one person with a food-handlers license. We provide signs and a judging committee to decide which stop is best. It’s fun! And you’ll meet Flagstaff’s best and brightest cyclists. Contact US if interested…don’t let your favorite spot get away!                                                                    Back to the Top


We will need folks for various odd jobs through Bike to Work Week. If you can help us a little or a lot, let us know.  We may need people who are certified to handle food, or have strong backs, willing hearts and a bit’o free time. Contact US.

The BTWW Events Schedule, May 10th- 15th

  • Sunday 5/10- 9a-2p: Bike Bazaar at Heritage Square and parade
  • Monday 5/11-7:30a-9a: Kickoff/VIP commuter ride from City Hall, Free breakfast from Peace Surplus
  • Tuesday 5/12 – 6p-7p: Jack & Martin’s Excellent FUTS Adventure Cruiser ride from Altitudes B&G
  • Wednesday 5/13: AM- Bike to Breakfast; PM- Community Bicycle Forum -Flag High School
  • Thursday 5/14: AM- Bike to School: PM- Bike to Potluck- & Student Film show and Awards @ Thorpe Park
  • Friday 5/15: Cyclo-bration at Uptown Billiards, 5 – 8 pm
  • Monday 5/18: Live announcement of WS Challenge winners on The Eagle, 103.7 FM.
  •                                                                                                                          Back to the Top

Thanks to people like you, Bike to Work Week grows every year, showing our city leaders that the biking community is strong and united.


Each year this event grows and becomes more successful, thanks to folks like you! And have you noticed the results? Each year we get more bike lanes, more urban trails, better representation, and more cyclists. Thanks in part to YOU!

Flagstaff Biking Organization

And THANKS to our sponsors!

  • Title: New Belgium Brewery
  • Co-sponsor: Flagstaff Medical Center
  • Associate Sponsors: Coconino County, City of Flagstaff, Absolute Bikes
  • Sustaining Sponsor: Floor Coverings International