We are had an organizational meeting for worksite coordinators at the Flagstaff Public Library, on April 22nd. What a great group of people Flagstaff has!

btww-art-karen-k.jpgIf you’ve volunteered for Bike to Work Week as a worksite coordinator in the past, THANKS! From Flagstaff Biking Organization, and join us again. If you haven’t been a coordinator before, we invite you to join us as a coordinator this year to assist in building a larger bike commuter community. Thanks to volunteers, Bike to Work Week grows every year, and Flagstaff was voted a “Bicycle Friendly Community.”

Bike to Work Week is coming up May 11th-16,th and we would like to count on you to be a Worksite Coordinator for your organization to make this the most successful BTWW Worksite Challenge ever. We need your help in reaching out to businesses and folks that haven’t participated before, so get your friends to join in. If you are unable to be the coordinator for your office, please ask someone else in your office to take your place.

WHY JOIN IN?? Each year this event grows… your participation provides FBO with clout to demand safer routes for all of us. This year’s Bike to Work Week will build on the success of past events and will include some new ones. Join in BTWW activities, lower your Carbon footprint and help us build our foundation of bicycle commuters and commuter activists to make Flagstaff a better bicycle community– to improve cycle safety with better trails, bike lanes, routes, and parking for you and your family; and to improve community relations on our roads and trails. You already know how great it feels to bike to work, your co-workers will thank you for helping them get involved and pedal to work too! We know we’ve reached most of the “regular” bike commuters. We’d need to bring in new commuters this year, and worksite coordinators are our secret weapon.

Did someone say prizes?
Breezer Bicycles has generously donated 2 Freedom commuter bicycles as prizes for the top competing worksites in Flagstaff. FBO and community sponsors are also offering the chance of fabulous daily raffle prizes to all cycling participants.

In an effort to find unique and exciting prizes for the participants of Bike to Work Week, FBO is currently soliciting products and services from the community to give away. A great way to support Bike to Work Week is to donate a prize. If you or your company is interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible.

We urge you to contact FBO as soon as possible to let us know you want to be the coordinator so we can prepare worksite package materials for your worksite. You can see those materials here. We will supply you with up to 20 sets, you will be able to download more off the web if needed. Please let us know:

· how many folks are at your worksite
· how many cyclists you anticipate.

This year we are making a few changes in the challenge to sharpen competition and expand participation: running the challenge over 4 days instead of 1 (now Sunday midnight to Thursday noon), and varying worksite size categories. The small worksite will include 9 to 34 people, the large worksite is 35 or greater.

What’s a Worksite Coordinator to do?

As Worksite Coordinator, it is your job to: 1) register your worksite online by May 12th, 2) to entice, cajole, or lure your co-workers to pedal to work May 12-16th. 3) You will provide them with helpful commuter & BTWW materials that we’ll give you, and 4) you will help them log-on to our website everyday they bike to qualify for daily prizes and the worksite challenge, or log-in for them if they can’t. Then, 5) you track and tell us how many folks are at your worksite each day of the challenge when you log-in, including pedestrians and bus-riders.

You won’t qualify for the BREEZER bike challenge if you don’t log-in your worksite totals everyday!

Please contact Susan@flagstaffbiking.org for questions, or if you can’t make our organizational meeting but want to confirm your participation.

Thanks in Advance!

Flagstaff Biking Organization