We have been hosting Bike to Work Week for 13 years now and every year we have asked folks to spend a few seconds every day logging their rides through our web site.

We have tried to create enthusiasm for this with the Worksite Challenge, where workplaces are eligible to win a free bike to use as office transportation, and by offering some really nice raffle prizes each day for anyone who signs in.

But we still hear that some people don’t log their rides for various reasons. “I ride every day, so I don’t need to do that,” is one reason. “My workplace won’t win anyway”, is another.

But these reasons ignore the most important reason for logging your commutes.

Our Bike to Work Week commute log ins are used by Flagstaff Biking Organization and Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization to demonstrate the need for more funding for bike lanes, Flagstaff Urban Trail System additions and improvements, “sharrows”, (those arrows showing that bikes may use the whole lane), green lanes and more! This stuff costs money, which is often in short supply for infrastructure for bikes, and we need to show that there is enough need to warrant these expenditures!

If you ride every day, you have more reason than anyone to log your commutes during Bike to Work Week. This is your chance to stand up and be counted in a real way. And while we have your attention, help us to get some new folks riding. More people riding helps our cause even more.

Help us to help lead Flagstaff to an even more bicycle friendly future!

 Pick up a copy of this week’s Flag Live for Biopic, our fully detailed program for Flagstaff Bike to Work Week.