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We hope to show some preliminary BTWW results on the Worksite Challenge page later today! Log your Miles HERE or click on the green button on top! Coordinators log their daily totals in HERE! In our biker’s choice challenge, mt bikers miles are beating roadie miles almost 2:1. We’ve logged over 10,000 miles in 2 days! Go HERE to see current Challenge results.

Coming up….

TONIGHT! The Flagstaff Community Bicycle Forum will be at the Commons at Flagstaff High School from 6pm-8pm. Please come and share your concerns and ideas with city planners and officials to make Flagstaff a better Bicycle Friendly Community. A great opportunity to make your opinions count!


BIKE to SCHOOL DAY! We’ve worked hard to get more kids riding safely to each Flagstaff school. Thursday morning we’ll have folks in place at each school to count arriving cyclists. The top schools in 4 catagories win beautiful Golden Sprocket trophies to keep for the next year!

Bike To Potluck: Join us at Thorpe Park Ramada at 5:30-7pm for our 2nd annual potluck. We are providing burgers and some food and drink, you provide the pedal-proof side-dishes! Immediately to follow…

Student Bike Film awards and viewing at Thorpe Park Community Center, 7-9pm. Desserts will be served, prizes for kids with helmets, and fun!

TODAY: We hope you didn’t miss one or all of the 11 delicious Bike to Breakfast stops. Every one of our breakfast sponsors did a FANTASTIC job feeding, caffeinating, hydrating, entertaining and swagging the dedicated cyclists that happened by. FMC’s “Best Little Breakfast Stop in Town” won the Golden Bagel award for overall best food and fun. EVERYONE did great. GO HERE for highlights of the Breakfast Stop Tour later today (hopefully).

YESTERDAY: Jack & Martin’s Excellent FUTS Adventure was just that. It rated a 10.3 out of ten according to riders Karen, Tod & Bob. About 60 cruisers enjoyed fantastic and hidden scenery on a route through NAU, Sinclair Wash, Rio de Flag and back to Altitudes for rehydration. We saw ponds, birds, rocks and foxes. A great time was had by all. Check back on our IMAGES page to see photos later today.

Tuesday’s Commuter of the Day is Jeff Hankens. Jeff is one of those die-hard commuters, you may have seen him plying the interstate from Kachina Village to Sunnyside this winter. See our interview with this intrepid spirit Here.

Today ONLY, you can still log in Monday commutes you may have missed when the server went down. We didn’t have to do this (and we won’t do it again), but for you folks?… we do our best and a little more.

The 2009 Bicycle Commuter Survey is OPEN! Please take 10 minutes to fill it out and let FBO and city planners know what you think about cycling in Flagstaff.

GO HERE to review the BTWW Schedule of Events:

Tuesday’s Prize Winners!

Prize winners will be reached by email to instruct them where to get there prizes: THANKS TO ALL OUR GENEROUS DONORS!

  • Naomi Yazzie – NAU SBS West: Jandd Mountaineering & Absolute Bikes Running Rabbit Grocery Bag Pannier
  • Jodi Norris – NAU Applied R&D Bldg: Emmitt Barks Cartography Sedona Trails Map & Flagstaff Trails Map Set
  • Kelly Rowell – FMC Therapy Services: MO wear (for Move Over) Bicycle hats-silk lined wool 4 panel
  • Carolyn Christianer – NAU AmeriCorps: Cosmic Cycles T-shirt, pickup in store
  • Alex Melis – Pine Forest Charter School-Students: Flagstaff Athletic Club 2 guest passes
  • Harper Johnson – NAU ITS Client Comp & Training: Beaver Street Brewery $25 gift certificate
  • Bret Dooley – WL Gore-Woody Springs Eng: Emmitt Barks Cartography Sedona Trails Map & Flagstaff Trails Map Set
  • Duffie Westheimer – COF Public Libraries: Bookmans $50 Goodie basket
  • Walker Chancellor – NAU Ecological Restoration Institute: Cosmic Cycles T-shirt, pickup in store
  • Casey Cleary – Beaver Street Brewery: Aspen Sports Base layer bib, XL
  • Matthew Knight – Lowell Observatory: Flagstaff Bike & Fitness $20 Gift certificate
  • Bill Case – COF Wildcat Hill WWTP: Cosmic Cycles T-shirt, pickup in store
  • Jeremy Huihui – Absolute Bikes: Altitudes Bar & Grill $25 gift certificate & Frisbee
  • Fred Thevenin – Arizona Raft Adventures: Grand Canyon Trust- 1 free Grand Canyon Trust membership
  • Craig Moeller – Coconino High School – students: Serfas and Absolute Bikes Serfas CP-600 LED light combo set

Thanks for participating! Pedal Safe & Friendly!

–Flagstaff Biking Organization